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My name is Caroline Bergin i am a printed textile and mixed media artist and i also teach teach various crafts and art classes. i am based in the sunny southeast of ireland in a little village called coolgreany in wexford. i studied printed textile design in NCAD Dublin where i graduated with a BA Honors degree. My love of all things art comes from my want to belong when we are creative it can lend itself to the feeling of quiet not fitting in being different a little misunderstood. My sense in belonging is deep rooted in my sinced passed paternal grandmothers this is where the name and concept of Sarah & Lucy originates from. The experiences they gave me in childhood from playing in the hedgegrows and beautiful countryside to countless options for my creativity they are both never far from my mind. i want to share these experiences through both my art work and classes to truly help people belong find a community or experience the beauty of the art work or class.


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